About the Press Club and Journalism Foundation Scholarships

The Press Club of Metropolitan St. Louis and the Journalism Foundation award and fund a variety of scholarships for communication students. These scholarships include: Press Club’s $2,500 Media Scholarship for students pursuing careers in print, broadcast or digital journalism careers; the $2,000 Nancy Miller Journalism for students pursuing career in print, magazine or digital journalism; summer internship $1,000 scholarships for communication students, a Press Club internship $1,000 scholarship each semester, the Press Club and St. Louis Post-Dispatch David Lipman scholarship for $5,000 awarded through the Missouri School of Journalism to a journalism student at the University of Missouri-Columbia, a $1,000 Sky’s the Limit scholarship awarded through Mathew-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Club, and six different Journalism Foundation scholarships ranging in amounts from $1.000 to $1500 provided by other professional communication organizations through the Press Club. 

If interested in an internship with the St. Louis Press Club, call 314-449-8029 or email info@stlpressclub.org

Spring and fall interns need to be attending a university in the St. Louis area.  

2017 Press Club scholarship application deadline is May 19, 2017 Click Here for the application.

Press Club Present and Past Scholarship Recipients